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You’re on your way to resume certainty …

Based on your responses to our quiz, you are showing that your IT resume or technical resume was designed with today’s tech job market in mind. We find here at ITtechExec that this is the main ingredient in achieving certainty (or peace of mind) that your resume not only represents you well but more importantly speaks to your target audience and the needs it has!

By scoring above 80% on our quiz, we also see that you are ready to bring that certainty into the job search approach you take. It’s one thing to have the resume in good shape; it’s another to have a well-positioned strategy that maximizes your time and resources to produce the most effective results.

To help you achieve even more certainty and take the next step, we’ve put together two options:

tech recruiters IT career advisers1. Learn how to survive today’s technical job market.

Learn about the 16 “secrets” to survival in today’s job market. This presentation comes from years of working with tech leaders and visionaries and observing what makes them successful in today’s marketplace:

2. See whether we are a good match for you.

In addition to resume and personal branding solutions, we also offer concierge job search solutions that come with your very own Job Search Agent and are designed to bring a more simplified, targeted, and certain approach to your overall job search strategy. We’d love to tell you more about them, but we do recommend that you first take our complimentary compatibility test. It’s 15 anonymous questions that will let you know whether we are a good fit for you.

If we are, then we will offer you a chance to learn more and/or schedule a free 30-minute consult with Stephen Van Vreede, our Co-Founder and Senior Technical Job Search Strategist. If not, then we are happy to make a recommendation to one of our guild specialty writers.

Best regards,

Stephen and the ITtechExec team

P.S.: You can also email Stephen directly at or connect with him on LinkedIn too:  View Stephen Van Vreede's profile on LinkedIn

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