Overcoming Tech Resume Uncertainty


Good news! Based on your responses to our quiz, your resume just needs…

More alignment with the demands of today’s job market.

To see your official score, look at the end of the URL for this page. Next to the “=”, there is a number after it. That number is the percentage you scored on our assessment tool. (The current average percentage for our assessment is 25%, and so far no one has scored better than 63%.)

But like I said, this is good news! Identifying and diagnosing the issue is half the battle (a battle, by the way, that 95% of technical pros will go into unaware of). It gives you a starting point, a place where you can take your resume and make it even more effective.

Now that you know, your goal should be to get your resume to an 80% certainty level. Without it, you end up taking too big of a gamble in the job market “zoo”.

If you scored less than 50%, your resume needs a redesign that begins with the right priorities in mind, and that starts with audience. It’s great that you thought about how to distill your experience into a cohesive summary or showed your current resume to a mentor or friend who liked it, but if audience was not the main consideration, the resume may be very nice but off the mark to the target market you are trying to reach.

If you scored between 50% and 80%, your resume needs some refocus toward the marketplace. In this case, you need to dig a little deeper and ask, “OK, am I speaking to the needs of my potential employer and am I listing credentials more than I am listing value?”

First things first, your next step should be to receive a copy of the correct responses to our assessment, so you can compare them with how you responded. It’s free, and we will email them to you: Click here. (We provide an explanation with each response when you request a copy.)

Here’s what it’s all about: Again, based on your responses, your current resume might look good. Your mentor might like it or your spouse. You might show off all your great credentials on it. Maybe you even tweaked it to meet the job description! But also based on your responses, which are centered on how the resume was designed for the current marketplace, there is likely going to be a positioning issue with your target audience. 

Plain and simple. It’s why pretty resumes fail sometimes, and ugly ones work sometimes. Positioning is that important.

And if your resume is poorly positioned for your audience, then it won’t be as effective as it could be. You might even get a decent response rate but for the wrong positions, and what good is that?

How do we know? How can we say that when we haven’t even looked at your resume?

It’s not that looks don’t matter because they do play an important part, just not the main part. All marketing, and a technical industry resume is a marketing tool, is about effective communication. Too often we think we are speaking to our audience when we look at job descriptions and worry about credentials, but what we miss is that employers say one thing and do another all the time.

You have to be watching the hiring trends to see what is actually working. And unless you are a professional job seeker, that is tough to do!

By scoring less than 80% on our quiz, we also see that you have room to bring that certainty into the entire job search approach you take. It’s one thing to have the resume in good shape; it’s another to have a well-positioned strategy that maximizes your time and resources to produce the most effective results.

So What Now?

tech recruiters IT career advisers1. Find out the correct responses to the quiz to build a new strategy for where to go from here.

Before you run out and start making drastic changes to your resume, take a moment and look at a snapshot of the quiz and the correct responses to it. We’ve also provided an explanation for each response. Warning: Some of the responses are likely going to shake the sacred resume ground you’ve relied on in the past or have heard your friends say during happy hour. So take a minute and find out what approach works best in today’s technical job market and why:

2. Get a more complete assessment from us with our free consult.

Obviously, the quiz has its limitations and is really just scratching the surface. We’d love to dig deeper and give you a formal assessment of not just your current resume but also your overall career move strategy (be it an external move or an internal one). In addition to resume and personal branding solutions, we also offer concierge job search solutions that come with your very own Job Search Agent and are designed to bring a more simplified, targeted, and certain approach to your overall job search strategy. We’d love to tell you more about them as well.

Before we do, though, we recommend first taking our complimentary compatibility test. It’s 15 anonymous questions that will let you know whether we are a good fit for you. This way, you won’t waste time talking to us if we don’t match your needs.

If we do, then we will offer you a chance to learn more and/or schedule a free 30-minute consult with me, Stephen Van Vreede, Co-Founder and Senior Technical Job Search Strategist. If not, then we are happy to make a recommendation to one of our specialty writers we have as part of our unique guild of resume writers.

Best regards,

Stephen and the ITtechExec team

P.S.: You can also email Stephen directly at stephen@ittechexec.com or connect with him on LinkedIn too:  View Stephen Van Vreede's profile on LinkedIn

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