Tech Start-Ups and Entrepreneurial Opportunities: The Right Fit For You?

Help desk resume cartoon image 2What type of worker are you? Do you like to take some risks? Or are you totally averse to any kind of risk and fully focused on the security of your tech job?
We’ll be talking about start-ups and early-stage opportunities in the tech field. They aren’t for everyone, but in the right situation, you can hit a home run by getting in early.

Join the discussion and hear expert opinions this Wednesday 11/28 at 3pm ET on twitter at #TCFchat. You can start by posting comments here or on the Tech Career Forum LinkedIn Group page. Please feel free to share any experiences you may have had in interview with or working for a start-up tech company. We’ll be sure to include them in our chat.

Join the discussion (Wednesday 11/28 on Twitter at 3pm Eastern). Simply follow and use the hashtag #TCFchat to be a part of it all.

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