See, Techies, Strong Writing Skills Can Lead to Better Pay

I’ve harped on this before, and for good reason. Our writing skills matter perhaps more than ever in today’s “remote” working age, and they are especially important for the technical professional. This infographic from Grammarly shows how writing skills can equate to your bottomline: your salary.

Having worked with IT, engineering, manufacturing, telecom, medical device, pharma, project management, and just about every science/technology candidate there is, I can tell you that writing skills are in high demand. The one on the team who can write well (or at least better than the rest) always finds a seat at the table. Period. End of story.

Sadly, the reason is because for too long the sciences/tech fields have pushed off writing skills as a low priority, forgetting that much of the results that are produced from their development efforts must be documented and well written in order to be understood properly.

So while you are busy running around paying for that next fancy cert or advanced degree, be careful not to forget good old-fashioned writing skills in the mix. It might just be more of a salary driver than you think.

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