Technical Job Market Survival Guide

technical job marketAKA: “14 Ways to Avoid Becoming Part of the 95%”

If you’ve followed my posts or read through any of our reports at NoddlePlace or ITtechExec, you will know that I talk a lot about the “95%”, those professionals continuing to approach today’s job market with yesterday’s mindset, especially today’s technical job market.

And this mindset has very little to do with age. In fact, I meet many younger professionals who are stuck in it as well (which tells me there is some poor advice out there).

As a result, these 95% approach their careers and each job search with a misunderstanding of what it takes to not just succeed but survive (and thrive) in the world of work.

To really delve into this issue, my staff and I have put together our annual “survival guide” that is chocked full of resources and tips on how to approach the market as we head into 2015.

If you’d like to move from the 95% into the 5%, download your complimentary copy: Technical Job Market Survival Guide.

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