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Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I landed a new role supporting a home healthcare organization in their IT integration efforts.

G. Wolf, Project Manager, Cincinnati, OH October 19, 2018

I’ve been told by a few recruiters that my resume is one of the best they’ve ever seen...That’s kudos to you, so thanks!

S. Noffze, CIO, Ann Arbor, MI October 12, 2018

This was incredibly worth it both because of the result as well as for the thought processes and mindset shift I had to go through.

D. Thorburn-Gundlach, Enterprise Architect, Atlanta, GA June 22, 2018

I figured my resume was something I should just be able to do on my own. But the finished results exceeded my expectations ... I did not know that Stephen could organize such a radical transformation ... He was able to tell my story better than I was. My resume is now a proper marketing document and not just a list of facts and numbers.

J. Chavner, CIO, Houston, TX May 22, 2018

Due to your assistance with my resume and LinkedIn profile, I went from a contact or two every couple of weeks to more than a dozen contacts/phone interviews with recruiters this past week, resulting in 3 very real opportunities.

E. Scales, Information Security Director, Denver, CO Denver, CO January 2, 2018

With your help on the resume and cover letter, I received immediate responses and had several interviews. The result was a 21% salary bump and an additional week of vacation!

Alex B., Sr. Project Manager & Manufacturing Engineer Rochester, NY October 2, 2017


Lee S., CIO Hicksville, NY July 12, 2017

Your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter landed me several interviews and two simultaneous offers. I was able to choose the position that was an exact match in a city that my family and I are excited to move to.

Greg S., Certified Project Manager Portland, OR April 14, 2017

The resume reads smoothly and cleanly and brings out my broad background and leadership abilities. The feedback I got was right on the mark.

D. Sheridan, Engineering Director, Vancouver, WA Seattle, WA September 2, 2016

You created a much stronger vision of what I offer that is much more compelling.

John G., Enterprise Data Architect Gaithersburg, MD June 22, 2016