Maximizing The Résumé Profile Section

As a certified professional résumé writer (CPRW), l know I am supposed to say that the professional section is much more worthwhile than the vague objective statements of old that focused too much on the candidate’s needs and not enough on the fulfilling the desires of the potential employer. And for the most part, I do believe that. However, lately as I have been reviewing résumés, all done correctly with profile sections, I can’t help but think they are starting to sound the same. Thus, what was meant to make a candidate stand out ends up making him or her just like everyone else.

So I thought I would take some time today to generate a discussion on how this section might be improved. My goal when working on the profile section is to (1) make the client sound unique (i.e., what are the things in this client’s background that set him or her apart?), (2) embed important keywords and phrases, and (3) properly position the client for the target audience.

I’ve been challenging myself lately to use less adjectives and to get right to the point, kind of like a Twitter tweet in some ways, I guess. I’m just tired of seeing “dynamic” and “dedicated” and so on, which are so overused they have no meaning anymore.

I would love to hear how others approach this section. Do you agree/disagree that clients are all starting to sound the same? What are some tactics you employ to make this section more effective?

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