The Road to Promotion: Building an Innovation Page

technical resumeIn an earlier post, “Problems-Solutions-Results: Is PSR Part of Your IT Resume Portfolio?“, I discussed the story of two IT directors that on paper had similar backgrounds and experience. One of them was successful in his effort to advance his career while the other ended up frustrated. One of the differentiators discussed was the use of a Problems-Solutions-Results (PSR) page by the successful one.

The reason the PSR page was so effective is that it met the demand of many employers in showcasing the candidate’s IT background as a strategic business partner.

Along these same lines, another item in the IT resume portfolio arsenal also might be what we call an “innovation” page. Unlike the chronological resume and the PSR page, which look back over a candidate’s career, an innovation page looks ahead.

An innovation page proposes ideas and concepts that are relevant to a candidate’s background or industry.

It could be especially useful in the internal promotion process or for candidates who want to focus in on a specific company or two. After all, internal promotions will be on the rise over the next several years, and competition for these coveted spots will be fierce.

Companies have been clear with their tech candidates: Bring something forward-looking to offer.

An innovation page could help you do just that.

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