The Softer Side of Tech Revisited

Now that Labor Day has passed us by, summer is fading, and the kids are back to school, there’s one thing that is sure to happen…in fact, it already has…

IT and tech candidates are going to decide they are now ready to get going with their job search, you know, the one they have been meaning to do but have been putting off all summer?

As a result, the other thing that’s sure to happen is a surge in the market of tech-related job seekers all vying for open positions from now until Thanksgiving when they put the brakes on searching again.

Yes, the job search market has a¬†predictable cycle too, and if you find yourself coming up against it during the “peak” seasons (specifically, spring and fall), it’s wise to bring your A game.

Therefore, I want to revisit a post I published back in February 2014 in anticipation of the upcoming spring season. Now that fall is coming, I think it is a good time to look at it again.

cultural fitSo, for a little bit now, I’ve been discussing the importance of “soft skills” in the 2014 IT job market. The following posts all touch on how the market is favoring those IT professionals who are, well, softer:

Today, I’d like to highlight perhaps the top 10 soft skills in demand, things that you need to show, not tell, in your next career move.

1. Strong Work Ethic

When I first started writing resumes, it was considered bad form to put “hard worker” or “hard working” on a resume because it was one of those… no duh….things. Who doesn’t think they are a hard worker and have a strong work ethic? But increasingly, in today’s market, employers are demanding professionals to demonstrate a strong work ethic. One way to do that would be to prepare a Problems-Solutions-Results (PSR) page as an addendum to your resume. It can showcase problems you have faced and how you have worked to resolve them.

2. Positive Attitude

Here’s one that can be tough for some personality types. Let’s be real. It isn’t that you are negative necessarily (although others might perceive it that way); it’s more likely you are direct, to the point, and in your mind a realist. Unfortunately, though, these traits aren’t always well received in today’s corporate market (neither is a healthy dose of sarcasm) even if sometimes they are what’s needed. So finding a way to be direct while being sure to end on a positive note will go far.

3. Good Communication Skills

Many times people only focus on the verbal and listening part of communication skills, but in today’s world, writing skills are at a premium. So showcasing your background in this area is important too.

4. Time Management Abilities

5. Problem-Solving Skills

Again, here is where the PSR mentioned earlier would come into play.

6. Acting as a Team Player

The PSR could also provide you with an opportunity to showcase the work you’ve done in a team environment. A Testimonials page could do the same thing by letting your colleagues “refer” you through their kudos of you.

7. Self-Confidence

8. Ability to Accept and Learn From Criticism

Inevitably, you will be asked a question during interviews about a time when you had to take criticism and what you did with it. So be prepared to provide an example.

9. Flexibility/Adaptability

Here is where an Innovation page could come in handy. Outlining ideas for changes in business operations or procedures that you see that could enhance business activities and show adaptability is highly sought after.

10. Working Well Under Pressure

Once again, the PSR page is a great place to demonstrate a scenario where you handled pressure and came out strong.

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