The Sustainable Career


Some people wonder why it seems like others are always catching breaks at work…getting a promotion or being recruited for an exciting new opportunity. For those who excel, it usually has to do with a single decision made, committed to, and executed over the course of their career.

The Decision

What’s that decision? Simply put, it is the decision to invest in their future, to bring a passion to their place of work every day, to understand their value, and to know how their contributions impact the business at large.

“C’mon, you can’t be serious!” I know, you see evidence all around you of those who are getting ahead without giving one moment’s thought to these things. You’re right, but I would contend that these people aren’t becoming true leaders or giants in the industry. Instead, they’re just focused on nudging their way to the head of the peloton (in cycling, that’s the main pack of riders that cluster usually well behind the leaders). If you would characterize those you’re thinking about as image-conscious and, as my 11-year-old daughter likes to say, “one-uppers” then you’re spot on.

Is That What You Want Too?

Honestly, can you say that’s what you aspire to? Don’t you want to be great…not just fake things so everyone thinks you’re great but to actually be great?

If so, begin by making the decision today to invest in yourself and be passionate about what you do. There are so many ways to investment in you soundly. The typical fallback is another degree or certification. Those are fine but they do little in the way of helping you to understand who you are, what you want, what you have to offer, and how an organization should value your current and future potential.

That’s where building your brand image comes in. Not an illusion or false image, but a genuine representation of you in a form (resume, LinkedIn, bio, in-person) that resonates with executives internally and at prospective new companies.


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Stephen Van Vreede is not your average IT/technical résumé writer. He provides career strategy and concierge job search solutions for senior (15+ years) (ITtechExec) and up-and-coming (Nodd
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