What’s Your Tech Career Road Map Look Like? Smooth or Bumpy?

country-roads-wallpapers-1When mapping out your next IT or tech career move, knowing your value and setting achievable goals is a vital first step. In setting goals, the priority should not center on the number of opportunities (quantity) rather on the right opportunities (quality) that align with those values. Specificity in these matters is the key. If it is the right opportunity, go all IN! If not, don’t pursue it. It will take time that you could be using for researching the right opportunity that is in alignment with your roadmap.

Project Manager Job Jungle

When Christina began her job search adventure, she was lost in the wilderness of which way to go. She started out the same way most of her competitions does: by posting for any job that had the words “project manager” in it. She did not define industries, location, or really any other specifics. So as you can imagine, what she got was an avalanche of emails that basically made her frustrated and somewhat lost. Soon she began wasting the little job search time she had trying to sift through them. Her LinkedIn profile and resume really branded her as a project manager, and she was lost in a sea of project managers all vying for the same roles.

Nothing was specific for Christina. She did not stand out. Her values were lost in the job search jungle.

Project Manager Road Less Traveled

It was then that Christina came to me. We began to put together a roadmap that included values that were important to her…location near home including remote possibilities (family and recreation time is important to her), she always wanted to work in the aerospace industry, and she wanted to work at a smaller company after working in a large corporation for years.

So we took these values, revised her resume and LinkedIn profile to align with them, and made some specific introductions to valuable contacts instead of just trolling the job boards.

roadmapShe now had a roadmap inclusive of her values and goals. As a result, she started using her job search time more efficiently and had greater results in much less time. It wasn’t long before she found opportunities that met her goals and gave her that family and recreation time she valued.

In beginning your job search adventure and as you progress through it, ask yourself these questions to stay focused and on track:

  • Am I willing to fight for my values?
  • What’s important to me?
  • Am I am willing to bend or not bend in my unique value or perceptions?
  • Do I know what my value-add is?
  • Do my “stories” reflect my values and goals?
  • Am I pursuing opportunities that I do not really want?
  • Am I being specific?
  • Do my resume and LinkedIn profile portray the brand I want for career goals?

Sticking With It

But here is the real key to the whole thing. Setting goals is one thing. Sticking to them is another. It takes a lot of willpower, and it takes support. Various detours will pop up along the way and get you sidetracked. Other opportunities will arise that might seem worth pursuing. This is why you need a “team” behind you. Every Olympic athlete, even those in “individual” sports has a coach and an entire support system behind him or her. Yet most of us attempt to maneuver through the job search jungle on our own. Considering not only are our livelihoods on the line with each career move, but also our lifestyles, where our families live, how much we work, how long our commute is, and so on, it makes sense that we would build our team as well and not try to “go it alone,” doesn’t it?

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IT career adviser 5Sue Sacco is a Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS) for ITtechExec who blends a unique background in managing both IT and telecom day-to-day operations with extensive hiring and recruitment experience for small/mid-sized organizations as well as for a prominent Fortune 1000 company. She is also a Career Thought Leader Associate.

Sue has been up close and personal with HR and has had to wade through layoffs, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring. (That means she’s a veteran of the job market zoo and has been so deep in corporate goo that nothing surprises her anymore!)

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