Your Career In Tech – What’s Next? Solutions

Questioning your career in IT / tech? If you’re like many technical professionals, you may know you “should” make another career move in tech, but you’re just not sure where to go next.


But You Know It’s Time for a Change

The writing is on the wall, so to speak. You’ve either been in your current role for a bit longer than you intended, the corporate culture around you is shifting in a direction that you don’t seem to fit into, or you just feel the itch. Careers in IT and all the technical disciplines … they offer many opportunities, but it can be challenging to decide among them.

So you’re thinking maybe you should get your resume together…

Whether this is a CIO resume, CTO resume, Program Manager resume, Telecom Director resume, Manufacturing resume, etc… As soon as you start talking to technical resume writers or reading through the latest tech career trends, you keep hearing the same mantra: “Your resume should be focused, focused, focused. The more focused, the more effective it will be.”

And then you start to panic (or at least twitch or something!). You might even think, “Oh no, do I really want to push myself into such a corner? What if I want to pursue two options? How come I don’t really know what’s next?”

Whatever the situation may be. The good news is that you’re not alone…

Our What’s Next? Solutions

  • When You’re Not Really Sure What’s Next: Starting point: One-on-One Career Strategy sessions followed by Market Research and Indicators Report and Assessment based on your situation.
  • When You’re Not Really Sure What’s Next AND THEN SOME: More in-depth examination:(1) One-on-One Career Strategy sessions followed by Market Research and Indicators Report and Assessment; (2) identification of and introduction to strategic connections using our large LinkedIn network that you can leverage to get better informed of state of the marketplace; and (3) profiling of a few key employers who fit your potential parameters and working toward making connections at those employers to get better informed of internal culture, market trends, etc.

What Happens Next Is What Matters

For 95%, the answer is often “nothing”. Afraid to make a bad decision, they often end up not making any decision (which leads to stagnation). Or they hang on to “soul-searching” and “coaching.”

While this sounds like a lot of “activity,” more often than not, it rarely leads to “accomplishment” (so we’re back to “nothing”).

Don’t Get Stuck in the Corporate Goo with the 95%

At ITtechExec, we’re looking for the 5% who are ready for practical, market-driven advice and research to help guide them to a decision. It’s meant to get you out into the market with a focus. To do that, we’ve created our unique “What’s Next?” approach.

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